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Old Domino’s commercial featuring Donald Trump congratulating himself goes viral


A pizza ad featuring now-President Donald J. Trump has brought a lot of criticism to Dominos, despite airing around two years before the first iPhone was introduced to the public.

The fifteen-year-old advertisement features then-business mogul Donald J. Trump “negotiating” with a pizza delivery man to give him three pizzas for five dollars, despite the alleged “deal” being a pre-existing promotion with the chain.

At the end, Trump congratulates himself.

“Still got it, Donald,” he said. “Still got it.”

While clearly Trump acting in self-parody for an ad that came out when flip phones were all the rage, the pizza chain has come under fire for featuring the president (presumably by people with nothing better to do), despite being a decade and change before he ever ran for office.

A version of the “555” deal exists today, though inflation has affected it somewhat.

Dominos recently also drew social media attention after “Never Trumper” neoconservative “strategist” Rick Wilson attempted to politicize an 8-year-old tweet thanking current White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany for complimenting their pizzas.

“You just killed your brand,” Wilson wrote.

Instead of groveling or backtracking like brands with less backbone, Dominos’ Twitter staff played it straight.

“Welp. It’s unfortunate that thanking a customer for a compliment back in 2012 would be viewed as political,” Dominos tweeted. “Guess that’s 2020 for ya.”

The exchange was captured and posted to Twitter by @DianaWintah.

McEnany doubled down several days ago, remarking that she still loved the chain.

“I love Dominos,” she wrote. “And also Pizza Hut.”

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