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Officers save man from opioid overdose


Georgia officers were victorious in a small battle on the war on drugs when they saved a man’s life. Luckily for a man at the Days Inn in Peachtree, the officers that arrived on the scene before paramedics were well prepared. Officers were able to revive him from an opioid overdose using CPR, a defibrillator, and Narcan.

Peachtree City Police Department Lieutenant, Odilia Bergh told FOX 5 “Initially, they weren’t sure. The great thing about Narcan is if you don’t need it, it’s not going to hurt you. The moment that they started asking investigatory questions, nothing made sense. So, the officers wanted to make sure they took all precautions.”

According to FOX 5, after saving the man’s life they were able to find the place where the drugs were purchased and make an arrest.

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