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Officer gives himself a citation for running red light


In the small town of Haines City, there’s one police officer who’s responsible for catching drivers who run red lights.

One day, Officer Tim Glover was reviewing footage from the traffic light cameras, in the Polk County, Florida town.

In early September, it turns out his police vehicle showed up on the video, while he was making a left turn at one of the intersections. He was on his way to lunch that Thursday and apparently was very hungry.

Upon reviewing the video further, two weeks after the incident, Glover realized that he did make a turn while the light changed to red.

Glover said he wants people to know that most cops are honest and do the right thing and that he was taught, if you do something wrong you have to take responsibility for it.

And that’s exactly what this 30-year law enforcement vet did.

Instead of trying to cover it up – which he easily could have done –Glover turned himself into his boss — who gave him a ticket.

“It was a good sandwich, but it probably wasn’t worth the 160-plus dollars I ended up paying for it,” he jokingly told WTSP News.

While the police chief did issue him a letter of reprimand, he also praised Glover for his honesty and integrity.

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