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NYC housing authority staffers accused of throwing sex parties while on the job


Members of the New York City Housing Authority reportedly transformed a Bronx housing project into a sex club, which included round-the-clock orgies and a lot of alcohol- all on the city’s dime.

Throggs Neck Houses Tenant Association President Monique Johnson expressed her disgust at the complete lack of professionalism of the NYCHA.

“[It happened on] overtime, during working hours, after working hours, any day or any time of the day,” Johnson said. “I now understand why work wasn’t getting done.”

According to the New York Post, the scandal involved a large percentage of the staff, who have since been transferred to other locations.

“There was a lot of people included,” Johnson said. “Supervisors were allegedly having sexual relations with caretakers. There was drinking and sexual acts going on…More playing, and less working.”

Photos and videos began surfacing, incriminating many who were accused of being involved in the orgies. Since the discovery of the events, disciplinary actions have been considered.

However, even those who were not involved with the sordid activities are now being sent elsewhere.

“It’s bittersweet,” Johnson said. “It gives us the opportunity to start fresh, start anew. But you have workers that have been here for 20-plus years. They had nothing to do with these allegations, and now they’ve been uprooted. I feel sad for them.”

The scandal comes hot on the heels of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s agreement to pay as much as $2.2 billion over the next ten years, an effort to settle the score for years of covering up required lead and toxic substance inspections.

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