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NUTS: Pet squirrel attacks burglar who went after owner’s gun safe


A burglar who broke into an Idaho man’s house was viciously attacked by the homeowner’s pet squirrel.


Homeowner Adam Pearl called police after he noticed snowy footprints in the back of his property, scratched on his gun safe and some small items missing in his home.


Officer Ashley Turner arrived on the scene to find Pearl and his pet squirrel, Joey, asking Pearl if the squirrel would bite. Pearl told Turner that Joey normally doesn’t bite, but that anything could happen.


Leaving to investigate the crime, Turner returned a short time later with some of Pearl’s stolen items. When questioning the suspect, she noticed scratches on his face. When she asked if the marks were from a certain rodent, the suspect admitted to the burglary and that the squirrel would not stop attacking him until he left.


WPXI reports that Joey is currently basking in the glory of his heroism by consuming Whoppers candy, which is his favorite treat.



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