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New video shows Guardian Angels group defending Manhattan Foot Locker store


The world-famous “Guardian Angels” unarmed citizen patrol group kept a group of looters at bay outside of a Manhattan Foot Locker- and their aging founder was injured in the process.

Curtis Silwa, who was born in 1954 and created what would become the Guardian Angels in the late 1970s, was apparently hit by a bicycle as he and several of his crime-prevention group’s members attempted to hold off would-be bandits from the sporting goods store on June 2nd.

Silwa suffered a fractured jaw during the event, and several of the looters attacked the GAs with hammers.

“I got hit,” Silwa said a week ago. “But we don’t back down, and we don’t surrender or retreat. We don’t have guns or weapons, but we all have martial arts training, and we do get physical if we have to.”

The GA founder said that bail reform plays a big role in the violent looting that has infected the city.

“It has almost become a badge of courage for [the looters],” Sliwa said. “They get out in a few hours, and get to tell their friends they got written up. It’s like earning their stripes.”

The Guardian Angels initially held off three attacks, and were informed that the police were told not to get involved.

“The police had been told to stand down,” Sliwa claimed. “I said to the cops ‘How do you allow this? We’re not standing down. We’re making a stand.’”

Fortunately, “hundreds” of police officers eventually were forced to intervene.

“It was hundreds of cops,” Silva told the New York Post. “They chased them and they ran toward the Lower East Side.”

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