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Naked PE teacher caught on playground chasing students


An elementary school teacher was caught with his pants down on the playground of Carthay Center Elementary in Los Angeles, California.

A construction worker walking by caught the teacher on camera putting his clothes on after stripping naked during his PE class and chasing students around the playground.

According to one parent, the students ran and hid from the teacher, many of them taking refuge in classrooms.

The school was placed under lockdown while they waited for the police to come arrest the teacher. Students were sent home with letters to their parents explaining “An individual began behaving in an unusual way, prompting us to contact law enforcement”, and parents received an automated call about the incident as well.

The school has provided metal health counselors for the students, but some believe that the trauma may be beyond repair.

The man was hired through the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Star Education Program and police are still conducting the investigation on him.

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