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Mystery cop helps lost man get to job interview


A grateful New York City man is searching in earnest for the NYPD officer that helped him get to a job interview on time, and ultimately change his luck.

The Fifty-eight-year-old Bronx man got lost on his way to a job interview in Queens, thinking he was supposed to be at La Guardia Airport. When he got there, he found out he was in the wrong place, a report said.

Worried he would be late and miss the opportunity, Roberts said, “I was crying inside” he said “If I want this job, I gotta be there at a certain time.”

An unidentified NYPD officer approached and asked if he was okay? They chatted and Roberts says he told the officer what happened and asked how far away he was. The officer expressed there was no way Roberts could walk that far in a few minutes he had before the scheduled appointment.

According to Roberts, “I said, ‘I don’t care, I need this job, I’ll walk there,’ He said, “what time you gotta be there?’ I said, ‘I gotta be there by 1 and it was like, 12-something already.’ He said, ‘You’ll never make it, get in the car’.”

Roberts said with a big smile, “and he got me there. I got the job.” He had been struggling with unemployment for many years due to his criminal record. The interview was scheduled by America Works, an organization that helps hard-to-place workers in jobs that support their success.

When the officer drove Roberts to his interview, he wished him luck. Roberts told him, “if I get the job, I owe you lunch.”

Now that Roberts secured the job, he wants only to keep his word to the officer who got him to his interview.

Roberts described the officer as being about 6’2, very nice, with a puffy face, and bald-headed. He estimated the officer’s weight at around 225.

News stations all over NYC are calling for the hero-officer to please step forward.

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