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Museum visitor left trembling after ‘shark attack’


A visitor to the International Spy Museum got the quite a shock the other day when he made his way to the ‘Exquisitely Evil’ exhibit.

Gregory Heinzman was looking through the ‘Evil’ exhibit, which is dedicated to 50 years of James Bond villains, when he came to a section highlighting Karl Stromberg, the ocean-obsessed and webbed-finger villain from 1977’s ‘The Spy Who Loved Me.’

The display featured a virtual shark tank set to the scene of Stromberg’s underwater lair, Atlantis.

Neglecting to read the warning sign above the virtual tank, Gregory touches it and a shark swims by. Not much happens after a moment or so and he seems confused as what the big deal is – so he touches it again.

The shark suddenly “attacks”, shattering the virtual glass and sending Gregory to the floor in this hilarious video.

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