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Moose mysteriously wanders on top of a roof



Moose are to Canada what alligators are to Florida. But instead of showing up on someone’s patio or in a sewer drain a moose mysteriously found its way on top of a roof.

Moose sightings in the British Columbia area isn’t uncommon. Recently a mother and her two calves were spotted at a local dog park. Residents were warned that the mother is aggressive after a moose bowled over two people while walking their dogs.

Mandeep Pahal was getting home from work when he spotted the moose on top of the carport in his apartment complex. After alerting his wife, Sandeep, she quickly captured this video.

The couple have no idea how the moose was able to get on top of the carport. It is assumed that piles of snow might have given it a boost. But it was clear to Sandeep that the moose was struggling to get down.

She told CBC, “I was scared. If he falls, what if he gets hurt?”

Sandeep decided to call authorities, but before they made it out the moose used a tree to climb down.

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