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Mechanical engineer creates world’s first retractable plasma lightsaber


A YouTuber and engineer known for making functioning weapon replicas from sci-fi and fantasy films has created an early incarnation of the lightsaber, and it looks pretty cool.

James “Hacksmith” Hobson and his team have revealed the most recent attempt at making a lightsaber from the Star Wars franchise, one where the plasma is emitted from the hilt.

The idea of a plasma beam being fielded as a melee weapon is a common trope in sci-fi, with forms appearing in at least two of the top twenty highest-grossing media franchises: the lightsaber of Star Wars fame and the much larger (as in, mecha-sized) beam sabers in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise.

In the case of Hobson’s new work, the lightsaber is more a person-sized unit, and as such has to be able to be fielded by man.

As part of his “Make It Real” YouTube series, Hobson put in the work of making a plasma saber that could provide a beam capable of being activated and deactivated at will.

Despite the attempt, according to Men’s Health, the technology has yet to catch up with the fantasy- the lightsaber was powered by an external fuel supply.

“Even with all of our new equipment and capabilities, we’re still bound by the laws of thermodynamics,” Hobson said.

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