Home News McCloskeys calmly ignore heckler shouting profanities, hand her Holiday card

McCloskeys calmly ignore heckler shouting profanities, hand her Holiday card


The Missouri couple who became meme famous for holding off the advance of protesters who had broken into a private neighborhood have done it again, this time providing a photo postcard of the incident to a group of people harassing them.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, attorneys who defended their home with a handgun and semi-automatic rifle in a rather brazen fashion, were intercepted by protesters near a printing store.

As they were coming out, they were berated by a young woman, who referred to them as terrorists and criticized Mrs. McCloskey’s lack of a face mask.

The McCloskey family, seemingly used to this kind of thing by now, walked past the group and entered their vehicle as the woman demanded the abolition of suburbs.

“Abolish the suburbs!” the woman shrieked. “F*** you and you guns.”

Suddenly, as the woman repeated “F*** you,” she found herself being approached by Mr. McCloskey, prompting her to ask that he stay away from her.

McCloskey then handed a postcard of the couple’s famous standoff to what is assumed to be a man with an effeminate voice.

“Thank you,” the man said. “Bye, Mark.”

“Bye bye,” McCloskey said, getting back into his SUV.

While the video -which was posted to Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms- was likely released to make the couple look bad, the intent apparently backfired.

“Talk about big barrel energy,” one user said.

“This isn’t going how you expected, is it?” Rita Panahi chimed in.

The video appears to have been filmed by “Defund 2 Abolish,” has nearly 776,000 views since being posted on Monday evening.

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