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“Masked” burglar breaks in through roof, owner helps him escape out the front door


Police in Tennessee responded to a security breach at a mobile phone store, but the bandit in question wasn’t what they were expecting.

After a recent shooting of one of their own officers, Knoxville Police arrived on alert to the mobile phone store early this morning.

However, their suspect was soon identified- and hard to approach.

“Upon arrival, officers discovered that the suspect had entered the business by breaking through the roof. Upon further investigation, Officers located the masked-up suspect still inside the business,” Knoxville Police wrote on social media.

Over dispatch, officers asked for HQ to call the alarm company and shop owner.

“Can you contact the alarm company…and see if they find the keyholder because he’s going to keep setting off the alarm…not to mention, he’s going to tear up the store inside,” the officer said.

Four officers stood around watching the raccoon loot the indie of the store, taking several photos.

According to ABC, the animal eventually escaped through the front door with the help of the shopkeeper.

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