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Man at traffic court gets busted after cocaine drops in front of judge


An Ohio man who showed up in court for a traffic ticket is now a wanted man after he dropped a bag of cocaine in front of the judge.

Thanks to security cameras in the Lorain-based courtroom, 39-year-old Lemar Reed can be seen accidentally dropping a bag of coke onto the floor from his sleeve as he opened the folded document in his other hand.

It was only after deputies found the bag several hours later that security camera footage was reviewed, revealing Reed as the “mystery bag man.”

While Reed may have thought he left the courtroom with a fine he most certainly ended up with a warrant for his arrest as well

‘He picked it up, looked at it, and saw a white powdery substance. We had it field tested by the Lorain Police Department and it tested positive for cocaine,’ Judge Mark Mihok told Fox8.

The judge noted that Reed’s carelessness has only made his situation worse.

“He was only here for a traffic ticket. He made a simple traffic ticket with only the penalty of a fine into a felony. So, not a good day for him,” said Judge Mihok.

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