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Man who throws bodily fluid on women finally sentenced


A Lehigh County man has finally been sentenced to up 6 years in prison for throwing semen on women. 59-year-old Michael K. Morris, also known as the “Semen Squirter”, has been committing the same lewd act since 1983. It wasn’t until 2006 that unwanted contact with seminal fluid was considered a sexual crime.

According to The Morning Call, in 2014 Morris wiped semen on a woman’s butt as she was getting of a bus.

In another case, Michael allegedly sprayed another woman at a bus terminal with a liquid that investigators determined to be “an accelerant”, then pulled out a lighter with a large flame and eventually ran away without saying a word. Just after the woman made a report, the police took her to the terminal so she could catch the bus home. Morris later boarded the same bus and the woman told the bus driver to call the police. As the driver stopped to make the call, Morris tried asking the driver if he could get off. When the driver ignored him, Morris kicked the bus doors open and scampered into the woods.

“Frankly, this sentence is long overdue. This is so bizarre and so perverted.” Judge Robert L. Steinberg told the Morning Call.

While Morris did apologize, he could not explain why he has repeatedly committed the offense. In addition to prison time, Morris will be registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

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