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Man opens up about “date from hell” with race faking professor


A woman who became famous for being socially “woke” and pretending to be black is reportedly also a terrible date, according to a musician who mistakenly swiped right on Tinder.

Referring to Jessica Krug as the “Tinder date from hell,” musician Ken Pazn recounted going out with the professor -who is white and Jewish, but spent her entire career pretending to be black- in 2018.

Suggesting a stroll in Manhattan, the Afro-Latino musician soon found himself inundated by Krug’s obsessive hate for white people, later describing the former George Washington University professor as something of a racist leftist.

“’I have never met anyone more racist than her,” he told the Daily Mail. “It was all F whites, F the police, F capitalism, all of that stuff. You could not believe the look on her face when I revealed I had friends of all races.”

Krug, who resigned from her post as a professor of African American and Latin studies, apparently has no “off” switch when it comes to being radical- even her Tinder bio was laced with extremist ideology.

“Please be about something larger than yourself,” she wrote. “I am all about surviving pending revolution.”

Krug was reportedly dismissive and venomous about going to certain spots, raving about gentrification, and the kind of people who occupy gentrified areas.

At one point, she told Pazn she wouldn’t tolerate “stupid nasal voices talking about how edgy our hoods are.”

“I noticed she had a Marxist symbol, maybe a hammer and sickle tattoo, on her back. I thought telling her this could boost the attraction levels,” Pazn recounted, stating he had told her he knew how to speak Russian.

For Pazn, the red flag flew high- just maybe not the one that influenced Krug’s ideology.

“I asked her what she thought of about Che Guevara. She didn’t like him either – because he was too white,” he said. “I stuck it out for a few hours hoping it would go somewhere. But unless that meant going to war against white people and taking back what had been stolen from Indigenous people, it wasn’t happening.”

Pazn gave up on Tinder after this, as it seemed hazardous to his health.

“I feared she was ready to fistfight me if challenged any of her views,” he said. “I would have liked some physical action, but not that kind.”

Pazn alluded that it was becoming more difficult to find anyone in the music and arts scene who was not far-left or held often violent anti-white views.

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