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Man in “Go Vegan and Die” shirt chomps down on raw meat at a vegan festival


The world’s greatest meat-eating troll was sent packing at a vegan festival in Amsterdam this week, after eating a raw veal heart in front of non-meat eaters in attendance.

Clad in a “Go Vegan and Die” tank top, YouTuber “Sv3rige” dug into the veal heart, dripping fat and blood all over the ground and causing the festival-going vegans to reel in panicked horror.

Sv3rige is an ex-vegan, who reportedly “nearly died” from a vegan-only diet. Ever since then, he’s dedicated his YouTube channel to meat-inclusive diets and protesting vegan events.

The activist soon had the police called to his location, who were reportedly told that he had slung meat at some of the vegans.

“The media lied that I threw meat at the organization, that never happened,” he wrote. “They had no reason to call the police and they knew that so they made up a lie. As you can see, we were attacked by the vegans”

His most recent stunt, however, pales in comparison to the incident that took place at a similar festival in Berlin last year, when he ate the raw skinned head of a goat. In response to the incident, the police were called and he was banned from the festival.

Sv3rige held a get-together with like-minded friends and recovering vegans last month, where they engaged in many activities, ranging from swimming to eating meat, as well as working out and laughing at vegan propaganda videos.


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