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Man thrown like a rag doll from rolling truck in Brazil


A TRUCK spins dramatically out of control, flinging its driver from the cab and 25ft into the air.

But incredibly the man, Leandro Silva, and his passenger survived despite crashing to the ground as the vehicle flipped over 10 times.

The 34-year-old driver suffered broken legs and blood clots in his lungs and kidneys. His passenger escaped unhurt, despite the vehicle rolling over at high speed.

The terrifying crash was captured by a dashboard camera in the car of Humberto de Oliveira, who was following behind. He said: “I remember the van was trying to overtake and was leaning over a lot.”

The driver of the pick-up lost control as he tried to overtake another vehicle on a road near Jatai in south-east Brazil. Luckily, there were no vehicles coming the other way.

Leandro, who has mild cerebral palsy, has been on oxygen in hospital since the crash. Surgeons were due to fix his broken femurs but put the operation on hold since discovering the blood clots.

His mother Irene Goncalves said it was “a miracle” her son survived.

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