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Man asks judge if he can join the Marines instead of going to prison


An Oklahoma man who was convicted after a deadly hit-and-run crash asked the judge to let him skip jail time and join the Marines instead.

In 2015 Gage Shriver, now 21, was driving with his brother Dakota, now 23, early one morning when he hit 2 young ladies walking to a convenience store in their pickup truck. The brothers reportedly were fighting in the truck when they struck the young women before crashing through a fence and into a field.

They allegedly continued fist-fighting after the accident, according to Tulsa World.  The brothers then left the scene of the accident and returned hours later with their mother, Dorothea Butanda who called 911 after they removed evidence of their involvement from the scene.

The crash killed Noelle New, then 18, and left Maranda Talley, then 19, injured.

It was determined that Gage, who was 19-years-old at the time, was drunk when hit the girls. Several hours after the crash he tested at a 0.023 percent for blood alcohol concentration.

A jury recommended that each brother serve 25 years in prison. During the pre-sentence Noelle’s father asked the judge to sentence the brothers to 64 years. After being convicted of first-degree manslaughter, Gage asked the judge to allow him to join the US Marine Corps instead of serving prison time.

“I’m not the type of person that would leave those girls there for dead,” he said in the pre-sentencing report. “I ask that you allow me to join the Marine Corp.”

Shocked by his request, Noelle’s mother said that Gage’s desire for a slap on the wrist is a result of “a lifetime of not being held accountable,” according to Fox 13.

Seeking leniency for the Shriver brothers, their attorney asked that they be given split sentences and supervised probation.

While Gage’s request for a military service alternative was unsuccessful, the two brothers were sentenced to 25 years in prison each, to be served simultaneously with their other charges.

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