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Looking to the Future: Elon Musk to build world’s first commercial spaceport and resort in Texas

Image credit: Google Maps.

SpaceX head Elon Musk is taking over a small town in Texas, hoping to turn it into a spaceport and resort.

The plans were reportedly revealed in job postings that claimed Musk would be hiring a development manager, tasked with “’overseeing the development of SpaceX’s first resort from inception to completion.”

According to the Daily Mail, local Boca Chica residents have been angered by the arrival of Musk, and complain of noise pollution and aggressive expansion.

Musk initially settled into the then-35 home town in 2015, and has since been buying up property at an alarming rate, converting many of the homes into SpaceX facilities.

Image credit: LinkedIn.

Some locals compared the sound of rocket engines to “living in a war zone.”

While Space X is now the owner of most of the town, around a dozen residents plan on staying- no matter what Musk does in their backyard.

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