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K9 officer reunites with veterinarian who saved his life


Nearly four months ago, Woodland Police K9 Officer “Peydro” was almost killed after being hit by a car while chasing down a suspect. During Peydro’s nine days in the hospital, he had to undergo spinal surgery and then went on to do months of physical therapy.

Thanks to the UC Davis veterinary team, Peydro is now able to walk and run again. He was discharged from the hospital in early June, but then had to complete months of rehabilitation.

“They’re such great patients because they love their job… we’re so blessed to be able to help them in their recovery,” Dr. Jamie Peyton told KCRA News.

Peydro’s partner couldn’t be more grateful for the team at UC Davis. He says being able to reunite with one of the vets who helped Peydro on the road to recovery was a real treat for them.

“I think he knows that they saved his life. He recognizes them, they recognize him right away. It’s just a great feeling to know that they did everything for him to save his life.”

UC Davis’s Faithful Partner Fund helps with the medical costs of treating K-9 officers, and search and rescue dogs that are injured in the line of duty. According to the UC Davis website:

“The Faithful Partner Fund is initially funded by matching $25,000 contributions from both UC Davis’ School of Veterinary Medicine and Police Department.”

UC Davis veterinarians have treated 65 K-9 officers over the last four years, thanks also to events like the ‘Doggie Dash’ fundraiser, which help injured canines get the medical treatment they need.

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