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Joe Biden calls for national mandate for all Americans to wear masks when outside, for next 3 months


Taking the dog for a walk? Wear a mask. Working from home and want to get some fresh air at the end of the day? Wear a mask. Even if no one is around you. Wear a Mask.

Even though wearing a mask while outdoors and while not around other people makes no logical sense whatsoever, that is what Biden wants to make law. He said every governor should mandate it during today’s afternoon press conference.

“Every American wearing a mask outdoors is going to get our business back and to full strength, long term,” the former Vice President said.

He then raised his voice as if he was yelling at his grandchildren for playing on his lawn, “protect your fellow citizens, step up!”

Perhaps if the mandate was was termed while in public – meaning in the presence of others – it wouldn’t sound completely ludicrous.

According to law.com, mandate is defined as such:
n. Any mandatory order or requirement under statute, regulation, or by a public agency.

He also called for the national mandate to start immediately and that it could save 40,000 lives.

Biden also did not take any questions from reporters where he might have been able to further explain the mandate.

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