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Iraq War vet plowing ahead with modified winter wheelchair


The city of Omaha has been pounded by snow storms recently…. so as you might imagine the freezing residents have been complaining a ton about having to go out in the nasty weather to plow the snow.

But the news about the wild winter weather shifted to someone else this week. Not just any old someone – but an Iraq War vet who decided he wanted to give back to the community that’s been supporting him for so long, through all his struggles.

Justin Anderson of Bellevue, Nebraska says people have been stopping by to snap photos of his newly modified off-road wheelchair. It’s quite a sight, actually. He says he tinkered with the tilt a bit, made a few modifications, adjusted the height of the blade and…. Voila! Ready to clear the snow-covered paths!

Luckily for the students at the elementary school around the corner, there’s less of a chance of them slipping or falling now..

Anderson says he wanted to do this for the members of his community because they’ve stood by him through every hardship – his battle with brain cancer and the struggles he faced upon returning home from war.

Justin, who was just fitted with a prosthetic three weeks ago, says he plans on doing more winter modifications to his makeshift snow plow.

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