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Family outraged after Iowa man gets no jail time for molesting grandaughter


The outraged mother of an Iowa girl who was molested repeatedly by her grandfather is demanding answers after the elderly offender was only given probation.

The little girl revealed the molestation in 2016, when she told her older sister -in a roundabout way- that her grandfather.

Eleven days later, she revealed that her grandfather forced her to perform oral sex.

61-year-old Dean Hilpipre was added to the sex offender registry after being charged with two counts of second-degree sex abuse, but has potentially escaped a half-century in prison through a plea deal, with prosecutors suggesting a suspended sentence and probation for his final sentencing later this month

The girl’s grandmother -identified as Hanna Hilpipre- was furious with the ruling, asking sarcastically if the court was going to throw in a spa day.

“I was just stunned,” she said. “At his plea agreement hearing, I said, ‘Why don’t just throw in a spa day?'”

However, the punishments suggested are often aligned with such cases, according to the Des Moines Register.

Hardin County Sheriff’s Deputies claimed they had developed a solid case against the grandfather, complete with video testimony and willingness to go to the stand in the event of a trial.

However, with a plea deal in effect, justice may not be served in the manner that many in the community were hoping to see transpire.

“I don’t necessarily agree with the outcome,” Sheriff Dave McDaniel said after the plea agreement was determined. “But I don’t know how they came to that conclusion, either.”

As it stands, Hilpipre -who recently won a large sum from the state lottery- will only be required to undergo sex offender treatment and stay away from his granddaughter, who lives in the same tiny rural community.

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