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Image of Doodlebug The Orphan Kangaroo Hugging A Teddy Bear Goes Viral


A story from Daily Mail shows us the true power of social media. What started out as a simple, yet amazingly cute picture of a joey embracing a teddy bear, turned into an image shared around the world.

“I figured it would be shared in Australia but I’ve been shocked to see the image reaching as far as Brazil and Russia. I’ve even had American morning shows using it on air,” said Tim Beshara, an adviser to Greens senator for Tasmania Peter Whish-Wilson, who first tweeted the picture.

Tim’s mother, Gillian, is a wildlife caretaker and assumed responsibility of the stray once Tim found him.

“He may have fallen out of his mother’s pouch or his mother may have died. He was a couple of months old when he was passed onto my mother’s wildlife company WIRES.”

His mother noticed that the animals took a liking to the teddy bears she left around the yard.

“They seem to respond to the toys much in the same way as a toddler. They treat it as a companion,” said Tim.

Doodlebug was no different.

Although in poor health when he was first found, Doodlebug has made a full recovery and is now back in the wild. Despite being fully healed, he still hasn’t forgotten the family that took care of him in his time of need. According to Tim, Doodlebug makes a trip back every now and then for some TLC from his mom.

“She has since nursed it back to health and it is now hopping around the forest and coming back for the occasional feeding or cuddle, as the image shows.”

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