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Ice Cube defends working with Trump on “Platinum Plan”


Ice Cube is hoping to get more members of the African American community saying “today was a good day” through systemic reform and he’s taking any help he can get.

The rapper and actor defended his recent sit down with the Trump administration in part of his efforts to help the Black community.

In an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, Ice Cube spoke about his A Contract With Black America campaign and how the racial opportunity gap can be closed.

Ice Cube asked both the Trump administration and the Biden campaign for a meeting. After the Biden camp said they would be able to meet after the election, Trump advisor Jared Kushner sat down with Ice Cube for several hours.

According to Ice Cube, that meeting is partly responsible for Trump’s so-called “Platinum Plan” to invest $500 billion in the Black community.

Ice Cube also sidestepped criticism that he was a “sellout” for working with Trump.

“That’s their opinion. They obviously don’t know the facts, or won’t accept the facts. I told everybody that I’m not playing politics with this,” the former N.W.A. star said. “I’m willing to meet with anybody who could bring this to life and make it a reality.”

Ice Cube added that he would work with whoever won the election next month.

“My daddy taught me a long time ago no matter who’s the president, you gotta get up and go to work in the morning,” he said.

The “Anaconda” and “Daddy Day Care” star, born O’Shea Jackson, previously stressed that he does not support President Trump and helping the Black community should not be a political issue.

“Every side is the Darkside for us here in America,” Ice Cube said on Twitter earlier this month. “They’re all the same until something changes for us. They all lie and they all cheat but we can’t afford not to negotiate with whoever is in power or our condition in this country will never change. Our justice is bipartisan.”

In a clearer indication that he might not actually support the current president, after Eric Trump posted a doctored image showing Ice Cube and 50 Cent wearing “Trump 2020” hats, Ice Cube responded “N—- please.” Eric Trump’s tweet was subsequently given a “manipulated media” label before it was ultimately removed by Trump or someone with access to his Twitter account


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