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ICE Bae, the CBP officer made famous by Pence visit, quits job after launching OnlyFans account


Update 11/6/2020: The Customs and Border Protection officer made famous for a viral photo taken during a Mike Pence visit to a detention facility is now quitting her job with the federal government.

Since the photo gained her fame, and infamy, Kiara became a social media star. She also recently launched an OnlyFans account – which is known for ‘R’ and ‘X’ rated content.

She posted her resignation to Twitter:

She claimed she is now starting her own business, but many on social media are opining that her resignation will allow her to post harder core content to her OnlyFans account.


A woman first gaining notoriety for being an attractive Customs and Border Protection/ Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent is capitalizing on her fame- now with an extensive social media network that includes an OnlyFans account.

Known as “ICE Bae,” uniformed ICE agent Kiara Cervantes was first noticed last year when Vice President Mike Pence visited the US Southern Border, gaining a following of thirsty men with a thing for authority and curves.

Since then, the fame has accrued into Instagram followers and OnlyFans cash- though it’s unknown just how far she goes on the latter platform, which is known for more risque content.

Cervantes has over 58,800 followers on Twitter alone, and the married mother of two has around 8,624 followers on Instagram.

It is unknown how ICE Bae’s husband feels about her fame, let alone the Department of Homeland Security.

It is unknown if she is still part of Customs and Border Protection, though photos on her Instagram as recent as a week old indicate she may still be in uniform.When not securing the border, ICE Bae enjoys working out and spending time with her kids.

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