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Husky pack introduces kitten sister to first snow


Lilo, Infinity and Miko are a pack of Siberian Huskies that live in California. Over the years there love for each has grown but the love that they have for their adopted kitten sister Rosie is truly special.

“The first night we got Rosie, she seemed OK but then her health went downhill all of a sudden – she rejected food and wouldn’t lift her head anymore.’Her eyes became infected and closed. We were providing all the human care we could, but we realized she needed a mother so we paired her with Lilo.” Said Owner Thi Bui.

Since then Lilo has mollycoddled Rosie and raised her as her own pup. As for the Infinity and Miko, they treat their kitten sister as if she is a part of the pack too.

The pack enjoys going on walks and many activities together. Rosie is always up for the challenge, so when what better way to introduce her to snow than with her family right by her side.

“She’s so tiny but she tries to keep up with the other huskies, bless her – she runs after them when they play, she wrestles with her mother Lilo, and walks with the pack when her little legs can manage.

‘We separate them sometimes to give Rosie a break because Lilo doesn’t know she’s so big, she can hurt Rosie without realizing it. They hate it though – Lilo lays by the door where Rosie is, and Rosie lies on the other side and they both whine and cry like Romeo and Juliet.”

Though this family is different the love between them is just like any other.

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