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Hero dog shields baby girl from house fire


Erika Poremski could hear her 8-month-old baby, Viviana, crying as she tried to fight her way back into her burning home to rescue her child. The flames and smoke were too strong for her and neighbors that kicked in doors and windows attempting to rescue the little girl. Luckily the family, Polo, was able to protect Viviana from the flames until firefighters could reach the second floor to retrieve her.

Erika told WBAL TV “I just heard her crying, and I couldn’t get to her,” she told the station. “I tried really hard; everyone in the neighborhood tried. They were kicking the doors in and kicking the windows out. I couldn’t (get her out). Nobody could.”

When firefighters made it to Viviana’s room they found, Polo covering her with his body, protecting the baby from the flames. Paramedics were able to revive Viviana and she’s in critical condition with 20 percent of burns on her face, arm, and side. Polo, however, did not survive.

“She only had burns on her side because of it.” Erika told reporters “He stayed with her the whole time in the bedroom, and wouldn’t even come downstairs to get out the door.”

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