Home News Handcuffed inmate flees courtroom in attempt to escape bailiffs

Handcuffed inmate flees courtroom in attempt to escape bailiffs


A Utah man ran out of a courtroom and took a medal-worthy dive off of a balcony in an attempt to escape police.

35-year-old Christopher Clay Rudd made his idiotic “leap to freedom” on Monday after attending court for failing to attend court-ordered rehab related to drug allegations.

In security footage, Rudd can be seen making a run for it from inside the courtroom, out-maneuvering and evading the bailiff.

With few avenues of escape, Rudd dove head first off the balcony, falling into the presence of two shocked bailiffs on the floor below. Hitting the ground, blood spattered from a head wound and settled on the floor around him.

According to The Daily Mail, the bailiffs quickly took him back into custody.

It is unknown if Rudd -who was arrested in April for theft, possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person and drug-related charges- was intentionally trying to injure himself.

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