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Governor of Maine orders servers to wear visors akin to “Cone of Shame” to protect from infection


As if working in the food service industry wasn’t hard enough.

Governor Janet Mills has ordered restaurant staff in Maine wearing protective face shields to put them around their necks, resembling the “cone of shame” that your average household dog may be subjected to.

Mills, a Farmington resident who won the governorship on the Democratic ticket back in 2019, has issued a series of orders as part of the slow-reopening strategy, including the bizarre decision over face shields.

“Front-of-house staff in restaurants who choose to wear face shields must now wear them upside down so that they are attached at the collar instead of the forehead, so that their breath is directed up, not down,” reported Maine Public Radio.

Critics have noted that circulating air conditioning and other factors may render the purpose of the order useless, while others feel it is simply a degrading show for the sake of appeasing the culture of fear created by the pandemic.

“Gov Janet Mills says servers must now wear face shields upside down so that their breath is directed up, not down,” Doctor Sherri Tenpenny wrote in a tweet. “Yes she wants you to wear a dog cone… Peak insanity. I wish this was a joke.”

Maine has only sustained 128 COVID-related deaths as of August 20, 2020, with the vast majority being in Cumberland County.

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