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Golfer says her life changed when she started posting to social media


A young British amateur golfer credits Instagram with helping jump-start her career- and it doesn’t hurt that she’s quite attractive.

Bella Angel, who has over 230,000 followers, opened her “Instagolfer” account two years ago as a way to track progress.

Little did she know that she would become so popular with men and women alike.

“I started my golf account as a way of tracking my own golfing progress,” Angel recently told The New York Post. “I had no intention of it ever expanding into something bigger. It has now, and I’m just sharing my progress on a wider scale, which is fantastic. I think that’s what people really enjoy about my account.”

Now, the amateur golfer keeps busy with training tips and techniques, as well as her physique.

“I kind of show what I’m working on with my golf swing, and kind of people enjoy seeing tips and tricks that I’m using,” she said.

The 22-year-old Briton comes from a family of ball-hitters.

“My whole family plays,” Angel said. “My dad’s a golf professional, so he taught me from a young age. I think I picked up a club probably at age 2. I used to have the mini plastic ones, and I had a cut down wooden one, which I still have, which is quite sweet. I live right near a golf course as well.”

Despite courses being shuttered due to coronavirus, Angel’s fans keep her morale up.

“I feel like I’ve grown a really amazing community of followers that are very supportive,” she said.

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