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Georgia woman rams chicken truck because ‘she is a vegan’


A Georgia woman was arrested after reportedly slamming into a chicken truck, leaving the scene and refusing to leave her home once confronted by authorities.

The incident unfolded after a truck driver told Madison County law enforcement that his truck had been hit multiple times by a red four-door car outside of the town of Hull. Describing the driver as a red-headed female, police didn’t have much to go on until they made a discovery- the woman’s license plate had come off during the crash.

Tracking the woman down, the police made several visits to the residence on file until they found both the driver and the vehicle.

When confronted, the woman -identified as 26-year-old Judith Moriah Armstrong- admitted to deliberately slamming into the vehicle and fleeing to avoid losing her license.

When asked why Armstrong would attack the chicken truck, she said it was because she was vegan.

Refusing to leave the house, police held in place until a warrant for Armstrong’s arrest was obtained, leading to her peaceful surrender. She was tested for alcohol at the jail, blowing a .089.

According to 11Alive, Armstrong faces charges of hit-and-run, DUI, aggressive driving and obstruction.

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