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Florida man caught driving can of bud claims wind blew cocaine into his car


So that’s why they call it blow.

A Florida motorist who had an open 38-ounce can of Budweiser in his car door reportedly told police that the crack cocaine they also found in his vehicle must have come through an act of nature.

Zak Joseph, according to an affidavit posted on the Smoking Gun, said the “wind must have placed it there” when Fort Pierce found cocaine residue in his car. He also theorized the police had planted the coke, which was found alongside what appeared to be a crack pipe.

The east Florida cops reportedly said the 37-year-old man had earlier been spotted drinking in his car in a hotel parking lot. Officers say the hotel where he was hanging out is a hotbed for drugs and prostitution.

When Joseph’s vehicle pulled away and allegedly rolled past a stop sign, officers in an unmarked car pulled him over and claimed to have seen him trying to conceal his beverage. Officers also noted Joseph’s blurry eyes and said he was “very confrontational and looking around the vehicle as if to conceal another item.”

That alleged item was a baggie of residue that tested positive for crack cocaine. He was booked on charges including possession of paraphernalia for the Oct. 31 incident and is expected in court Dec. 3. He maintained the drugs are not his. Fort Pierce officials have not responded to a request for records.

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