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Female officer tackles woman after long police chase through Detroit


After the 25-mile chase from Detroit into Hamtramck a female driver believed to have taken part in a kidnapping was taken down by officer Nikole Jabour.

Officer Jabour attributes her successful running tackle to her adrenaline taking over and says when she saw the suspect jumping out of the vehicle she just followed suit.

“Her tire started wobbling, so she started losing a bit of control, but we were right on her,” Jabour told WJBK. “A Detroit police car got right in front of her and was able to stop her. I knew she was about to bail out of the car on foot, so once I saw her bail I started running for her, and I tackled her.”

Even though Jabour has been getting a lot of the spotlight she credits the other officers. “I know my tackle has kind of been getting a lot of press,” she said. “But really if it wasn’t for the other officers involved; the officers that were involved in the leads, they called out great locations. That way we were able to get there quicker.”

Luckily no one was injured and police say there wasn’t a child in the vehicle. The suspect was under the influence of narcotics and is being charged with fleeing as well as eluding police and possession of a felony vehicle.

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