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Before you enter that ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ contest check out our top 10


Ugly Christmas sweaters have a become a big trend in recent years with people throwing parties to see who has the tackiest and most outrageous one of all.
Because of their rise in popularity, it’s getting harder to find unique ugly holiday sweaters that aren’t mass produced by retailers like Walmart and Target. The short supply has even prompted stores like Goodwill to come up with a solution: holding workshops so people can transform totally normal sweaters into their own gaudy masterpieces.

Some take pride in adding their own tinsel and jingle bells to sweaters making them as original and/or tacky as possible. All is fair in ugly Christmas party sweater contests, so we listed our top 10 favorites.


10. Not quite ’12 days of Christmas’


9. Winter Wonderland


8. Mirror, mirror on the…wait a minute!


7. Elf off the shelf

The Winner!!? #uglysweaterchallenge

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6. Stuck inside the snow globe


5. A classic from ‘A Chrsitmas Story’


4. Jingle all the way


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3. When in doubt put a bow on it

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2. D.I.Y. Dwight Schrute


1. Christmas Presence
Charlie Brown said it best: It’s not about what’s under the tree, but who’s around it!


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