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Dutch police end drone-hunting eagle program


The Dutch National Police are currently going back to the drawing board after a year-long evaluation has determined that dispatching eagles to take down drones may not have been the best idea.

Citing what appears to be an expensive and complex solution that isn’t drawing much attention outside of the Netherlands, the eagle drone interceptor program seems to be, well, a really stupid idea.

According to NOS, the Dutch police quickly realized that not only would the birds often fail to carry out their orders, could be hurt by the drones or worse- hurt an innocent bystander.

For example, eagles who cannot catch a specific prey can often become frustrated and attack whatever else they can find- not a good scenario when one mixes eagle talons and toddlers.

The eagles had previously made headlines in other publications following the introduction of the concept by the Dutch Police.

However, it seems the drones have won, for now.

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