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Dogs protect young children trying to ‘chase a rainbow’ from running onto interstate



Two children, aged under six, who had wandered away from their foster home to “chase a rainbow”, were protected from walking out onto an interstate by a pair of dogs, and later helped by strangers who spotted them alone.

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office shared footage from officers called to the scene on February 16, writing that the children’s foster father had been unable to go after the children due to an ambulatory condition, but sent his teenage children to look for them. The officers were called to Mile Marker 44 near Holt, Florida, where the children were being looked after by people who had come across them near the busy road. Several people reported seeing the two dogs pushing the children back when they tried to go onto the highway.

In the video shared, a man with the children can be heard telling the police officers that the two dogs with the children had prevented the youngsters from running out onto the road. It’s not stated if the dogs belonged to the children.

Officers reported that one of the children told them that she had left her home to “chase a rainbow.”

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