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Dog escapes cage at vet’s office during overnight stay, then completely trashes the place


An ill dog forced to stay overnight at the vet’s office made a complete disaster area of the place, causing chaos in a cute way.

The terrier mix, who was none too thrilled about being left overnight, was found sitting on top of a cabinet when veterinary staff arrived the next day.

“She was not hurt, very scared but very sweet. She was able to come down and snuggle with one of the techs,” the vet wrote on the video’s description.

According to the Daily Mail, the incident was amusing to the staff, and actually served them well- steps were taken to ensure that nothing similar transpire at the office in the future.

“She is happy and healthy,” the vet said. “Her situation helped us make sure it never happens again to keep other patients safe. One of a kind patient. So glad I was able to help her getting feeling better and able to get her to trust me. The cage was chained but she was smarter than the cage and apparently the staff!”

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