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Disabled vet’s service dog released from death row after DNA proves innocence


A Belgian Malinois -who serves as a disabled veteran’s assistance animal- was released from his brief stint on death row after DNA evidence cleared his name in the killing of a neighbor’s Pomeranian.


Jeb, who is referred to by veteran Kenneth Job as his “right hand man,” returned home Wednesday afternoon after languishing at the St. Clair County Animal Control facility since August 24th in connection to the killing of a Pomeranian.


screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-4-41-18-pm“The court has signed a consent judgment between the parties that allows for the Jobs to take Jeb home,” said Prosecutor Mike Wendling in an email, also stating that the conditions involved adequate fencing and insurance coverage.


Jeb’s ordeal began after was found standing over the neighbor’s dead Pomeranian, named Vlad, on August 24th. He was then surrendered to Animal Control and held until a judge could decide his fate.


When District Judge Michael Hulewicz ruled in September that Jeb was a dangerous dog and ordered him to be euthanized, he issued a 30-day stay of execution to allow the Jobs family to conduct a DNA test.


When the DNA tests proved to be a negative match, a consent judgement was signed and Jeb was set to be released.


Kenneth Job was never aware that his dog was to be released- his daughter Kandie Morrison picked the dog up and surprised her father at their Saint Clair Township Home.


“He’s awful skinny, but he’s alive. He’s well, we can take care of the rest,” Kenneth said.


Kenneth Job said seeing Jeb was an emotional event- something which was confirmed by his wife, who said he cried often in light of Jeb’s absence.


“Don’t get me started, because I’ll cry,” he said.


According to the Detroit Free Press, the owners of Vlad, the Sawas, declined comment on Wednesday.


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