Home News Diners at vegetarian restaurant in Thailand fed human flesh

Diners at vegetarian restaurant in Thailand fed human flesh


Thai visitors to a vegetarian restaurant were horrified to discover that one of their fellow patrons was being served as the main course.

The body of 61-year-old Prasit Inpathom was allegedly chopped up and turned into food, which was then consumed by other patrons.

The authorities were reportedly tipped off after vegetarians eating at the establishment complained about meat in their noodles.

Upon inspection, the police realized that the meat was human flesh, and quickly sprung into action.

Photo: Asia News Network

According to the Daily Mail, a subsequent raid of the abandoned kitchen revealed human blood splattered around the facility and Inpathom’s disfigured body in the septic tank.

Inpathom was last seen at the restaurant, and was allegedly involved in a spat with the owner. During the altercation, he was fatally struck and served to customers in an attempt by the owner to dispose of the body.

As of Wednesday, the owner remains on the run.

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