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Deer attacks driver after being struck in dashcam footage


A New Jersey driver who struck a deer learned the hard way that road rage is not exclusive to human beings.

Police dashcam footage caught the entire incident on tape- one that showed 43-year-old driver Ellen Sager being attacked by the injured deer as she opened her driver’s side door.

“In what appears to be a scene from a cheap comedy, Sager physically struggles with the rather large deer and has to kick the deer out of her vehicle and quickly close the door to keep it out,” Howell Township police wrote in a news release.

Sager said everything happened very quickly.

“He was determined to get in that car. He was mad. He was mad,” she said. “Yes, he was trying to get in, to get me.”

The dashcam footage came from the patrol vehicle of Patrolman Nicholas Austin, who says he wouldn’t have believed it happened if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve lived in this town my entire life and never seen or heard anything ever like that,” said Austin.

According to ABC7NY, the deer died of its injuries shortly after the attack. Sager suffered minor knee injury in the struggle between man and nature.

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