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Deaf, mute, paralyzed man attempts to rob a jewelry store


Deaf, mute, and confined to a wheelchair due to paralysis- such things do not slow down the most determined of men.

A nineteen-year-old in Brazil demonstrated this at a Canela jewelry store, using only his feet and a plastic toy gun to hold up the shop.

The young man had been in the store for some time prior to the robbery, and the sympathetic clerks initially had no qualms with him being there due to his condition.

Surveillance footage shows the young man -who has cerebral palsy- handing a note to the clerks using his feet.

“Hands off everything,” he wrote. “Don’t raise attention.”

Producing a toy firearm, the young man then demanded all the loot that he could be supplied.

However, his robbery did not go as planned, and he was soon disarmed and taken in by police.

According to the Daily Mail, the police enlisted the help of a family member to assist with questioning, and the young man was later released.

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