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Dash-cam captures woman dragging dog behind car


A disturbing video out of America’s island state shows a woman dragging a dog down a busy street for at least two blocks.

Local Honolulu resident Johnny Cheng caught the incident on film last Friday as he was stopped at an intersection and took chase as he realized the object being dragged was a leashed dog.

“She is crazy! She is out of her mind!,” he posted to YouTube.

In a post edit, Cheng would explain how he and others attempted to inform the woman of her supposedly unknown passenger.

“I join[ed] with other two cars [to] try to stop her car,” he wrote, using broken English. “While chasing, we [kept honking] the horn to attract her attention.”

When the drivers finally get the woman to stop, she reportedly casually got out of her vehicle, let the dog loose and drove off without saying a word.

According to Cheng, Honolulu PD informed him that the driver took the dog to the veterinarian after the incident, though it is unknown if the entire event was an act of malice or carelessness.

In his final comment, Cheng offered a word of warning about using vehicles as anchor points for dogs.

“Do not tie your dog to your door handle or to the rear of your car,” he cautioned, “Because you may forget.”

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