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Dark Humor: People are savaging the Broward County Sheriff’s Office on social media


Graphic Content Warning:  Some may find the following images, comments and language offensive.  Please don’t continue reading if you are easily offended.

Social media has taken a turn on the Sheriff’s office who took the lead in responding to the Stoneman Douglas high school shooting that left 17 dead and another 14 wounded.

After revelations emerged that the school resource officer stood by and did not enter the building where the shooting was taking place, the internet responded, furiously.

New information indicates that that other Broward deputies may have taken up defensive positions instead of entering the school as well as prevented other first responders from entering and providing aid. Thus, the internet has replied, in ways that you might expect, even though the whole story is far from being publicly released.

In reaction to the alleged inaction of deputies, these posts went viral…




For the Broward Sheriff, Scott Israel, who can’t seem to keep his mouth shut and somehow doesn’t see that he might have made a single mistake during his entire tenure as sheriff of the department that’s largely seen as botching the response, there are these:

There were some great posts in response to President Trump’s suggestion that teachers arm themselves, as well as suggesting he would have entered the building unarmed:



And then, there’s perhaps the most savage one of all:



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