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Dancing ‘sticker kid’ steals the spotlight from Hillary Clinton


Meet Sticker Kid, the true winner of Monday nights caucuses in Iowa.

While Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton gave a speech about her narrow near-win over Bernie Sanders, she remained unaware of the teenager standing directly behind her, slowly stealing her thunder.

Peter Clinkscales, a student at Drake University who had stickers pressed to his face, bopped around and made various amusing facial expressions in direct view of the camera at Clinton’s sort-of Iowa victory party.

The college student can now check trending on Twitter off his bucket list as he was quickly labelled #Stickerkid or #Stickerboy and the “real winner” of the Iowa caucuses.

Clinkscales, whose Twitter profile says he is “a simple man” who likes “pretty, dark-haired women and breakfast food”, told Mashable he and a friend had initially planned to bring saxophones to the speech

“We thought it would be a great idea if we brought two saxophones here to the rally for Hillary Clinton so he could play one and he could play one,” he said. “It would be a cool mashup.”

But when he found out the instruments might not get past security, he made use of the materials he had on hand: stickers.

“I had stickers in my hand and I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be kooky if I put stickers on my face?’” he told the Independent Journal Review.

When asked how he obtained a spot directly behind Clinton, Clinkscales said he simply followed other attendees to a VIP area.

“Everyone that preceded me had a badge, and I walked in and they didn’t care,” he told the IJR.

While Clinkscales attended Clinton’s speech, he did not participate in a local caucus since he had class and was still undecided. When asked if Clinton’s speech had swayed his vote at all, he admitted he was distracted throughout the event.

“I couldn’t hear much and I had stickers on my face and I was preoccupied,” he said.

The college student is now trying to make the most of his five seconds of fame, as he generously offered to sell his remaining stickers for the low, low price of $35,000 a year.

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