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Customers in disbelief as man gets ‘haymakered’, lifted out of shoes at Denny’s


The early morning hours at Denny’s restaurants are always far from normal but on New Year’s Day morning, it can get even weirder.

Michele Knole recorded an incident at a Denny’s in Houston, Texas that left customers shocked.

A man wearing a shirt that said “Padre my a** off” appeared to be in an altercation with several customers who seemed to be trying to de-escalate the situation.

While attempting to close the store to the restaurant -leaving the man outside- he was blindsided by another man who ran in a full sprint, launching at him, and lifting him from his shoes with a haymaker punch.

After being lifting up and landing head first into a brick wall of the restaurant, the man gained consciousness and attempted to shoot at people with a gun that was imaginary -whether he knew it or not.

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