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Cowards allow man to be called racial slurs, attacked on train


During a crazed man’s racist tirade on a San Francisco train, there was only one man who had the courage to stand up to him. Sick of hearing the lunatic scream “n***r” at passengers on the train, the man -who appears to be of Asian descent- told him to stop.

His courage only further engaged the lunatic.

“I’ll punch you down in your seat, you f**k,” the lunatic said just before slapping him. “You Chinese n****r.”

The man kept his resolve despite the continued physical assault and nobody offering to help.


“I hate you, you Chinese f**k,” the lunatic said as he slapped the man a second time.

At this point, the man had enough -possibly realizing that nobody was going to come to his aide nor was the lunatic going to back down.

“If you put your hands on me one more time mother f***er,” the man said as he stood up.

“This started because the old man was using the n-word repeatedly on the train, and the Asian guy decided to step in and tell him to stop,” said Wiseley Wu, who recorded the video.

A reflection of Wiseley Wu recording the incident in one of the train’s windows.

“I was merely the person filming it, not the guy being insulted,” he said. “I wish I were as brave as him”

Wu claims he called police for help but they did not arrive until after the man exited the train.

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