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Cheeky Dutchman gives sarcastic ‘thumbs up’ to police officer who got stuck in wet cement

Image credit: Facebook.

Concrete evidence has surfaced of a Dutch police car getting in a sticky situation, having driven off the paved road into some wet cement.

A pedestrian managed to snap a “thumbs up” photo of an Eindhoven Police car that had attempted to go off the beaten path, only to find itself wheels-deep in wet cement.

The incident took place on Thursday and resulted in construction workers having to use their van to tow the stricken police car out of the wet cement- before it became a permanent monument to the blundering officers behind the wheel.

According to the Daily Mail, the street had been sealed off but police ignored the warnings, attempting to drive around the construction crews.

“Suddenly there was that patrol car,” one worker said, “Which just drove around us into the concrete.”

The police did not want to file an accident report, but construction crews were adamant about getting compensated for damages, time lost and labor expenses. Eindhoven Police eventually reached an agreement with the company.

Elsewhere in the city, Eindhoven Police also hit a pole in the city center.

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