Home Comedy Carl’s Jr Introduces the “Most American Thickburger”

Carl’s Jr Introduces the “Most American Thickburger”


Let’s face it, America is a country that likes greasy, delicious food. Burgers and fries are part of our DNA. And who doesn’t like a good hot dog every once in a while? North Koreans, that’s who. So what has Carl’s Jr., the purveyor of scantily clad women eating burgers bigger than their heads to drive people to their restaurants done? They have put all of those great american traditions under one bun (and of course used a bikini model to sell it) with a hot dog, as well as potato chips and of course a huge chunk of beef in their “most American thickburger.” It’s like having the whole bbq in one bite (if you can fit it, of course). God bless ‘Murica!

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